Prashiksana Matha

The International School of Social Service -ISSS (aka Prashiksana Matha) is one of the seven original institutions set up under the direction of Shrii Prabhat Rainjan Sarkar, also known as Shrii Shrii Anandamurtiiji for training yogic monks and nuns. The other six institutions are located in Varanasi, Bangalore, Ranchi , Gandidham, Davao and Accra, Ghana. These seminaries are all called by the name of  Prashiksana Matha ( PM ). The training school  (seminary) in Ydrefors caters to both sisters and brothers. The residential complex of brothers and sisters are located separately and both BTC (Brothers Training Center) and STC (Sisters Training Center) follow a rigorous routine of long meditations, yogic exercises, karma yoga (service works) and other activities of self-development.

Ydrefors Prashiksana Matha was established in 1976 by Ac.Dhrtibodhananda who was replaced by Dada Dhruvananda in 1978. Between 1999-2003, Ac. Shubhatmananda Avt and Ac. Hiranmayananda Avadhuta served as Shramans of the Matha. From 2003-2012 Acharya Shambhushivananda Avadhuta served as the Shraman (CTS-Central Training Secretary) and Rektor of the Ydrefors Campus. He was assisted by Ac. Harikrpananda Avt . Over years many persons have contributed towards the growth of the center. Among them were  Acharya Devajinana Brahmacarii (now Ac. Guna’tma’nanda Avadhuta), Ac. Priyatosh Brahmacarii ( Ac.Pramoditananda Avt.)  Ac. Dyutimaya (now Diiptamanananda Avt.), Ac.Sadananda Avt, Ac. Shivaprasad (now Avadhuta) Ac. Krsnakumar (now Avadhuta),Didi Shivapriya (Avtk. Ananda Siddheshwari Ac. ), Didi Gayatrii, (Ananda Gunamaya)  Didi Kusum (now Avtk Ananda Kalyanmitra’ Ac.) ,Didi Anudhya’na'(now Avadhutika),  Didi Sarvajina(Ananda Sainjana), Didi Ananda Samprajina, Didi Avadhutika Ananda Advaeta Ac  etc. Didi Ananda Bhadra Ac  and  Ac.Vishvamitra, Vishvashanti Ole Brekke, and many more  visitor yogiis also shared their knowledge through workshops on varied topics.

Prashiksana Matha and College of Neohumanist Studies are sister institutes for preparing students for social-service and disaster relief in the world based on principles of neo-humanism and a spiritual life style.

Since the founding of Prashiksana Matha  in Ydrefors, Sweden, hundreds of persons from around the world have been trained who are currently serving in different capacities as yogic monks, nuns and volunteers. They provide assistance during disasters, start schools and educational centres in developing countries, manage farms and sustainable projects and provide free education in yogic methods and meditation.

The College of Neohumanist Studies is aimed at improving the academic standard of the trainees and others in order to face the challenges of society. A special emphasis is given on cultivating the moral sense, self-confidence, leadership abilities and compassion in the students. CNS-Sweden also hold regular academic conferences on the themes of sustainability, yoga education, wellness, neohumanist education, bio-psychology, prabhat samgiita etc  from time to time.

The aim of one-year training program in “Social Service”  is:

To provide the basic understanding about yogic and spiritual life style, philosophy of neohumanism, and training in skills that may help them lead a life of worship and service to all beings of the universe.

The course structure is broken into two semesters (of six months each). It is also possible to join the institute at  the beginning of these two semester sessions. Due to the uncertain period of processing of overseas students and the individualised nature of the training, at times the students are also accepted during the semester and their training adjusted accordingly. The course syllabi remains the same and the routine has to be strictly adhered to in all cases.

The first semester concentrates on building the foundations of a spiritual life style and self-realization; improving the language skills; develop an appreciation for arts and music and getting grounded in the science of karma-yoga and service spirit.

The second semester dwells on advanced yogic and meditation practices, training in disaster relief; upgrading knowledge of social and spiritual philosophy; presentation skills; and, learning to apply yogic knowledge in service situations.

The boarding situation allows the students to follow a standard routine which includes time for personal yogic and meditation practices, music classes; self-study, karma yoga, daily walks in the pristine forests of Ydrefors and attending classes conducted by experts in different disciplines. The daily schedule includes six hours of teacher led classes including yoga,  language  & Prabhat Samgiita training; regular karma yoga; and period for self-study. The books and reading materials are provided free of cost from the Institute. The rich library of the institute also provides ample opportunity to indulge in reading related materials.

A sample routine in the Prashiksana Matha is:

TC Schedule

4.20 Wake Up
4.30-5.00 Morning Duties
5.00-5.35 Collective Meditation/Kiirtan
5.35-6.55 Personal Spiritual Practises
6.55-7.40 Yoga Asanas/Self-Massage
7.40-7.50 Kaoshikii/Tandava/Relaxation
8.20-8.45 Breakfast
8.45-9.00 Cleaning
9.00-9.30 Prabha’ta Sam’giita Class
9.30-11.00 First Class period
11:00-12.30 Second Class period
12.30-1.35 Lunch Preparation/Personal Meditation
1.35-2.10 pm Lunch
2.10-2.40 Maona Vrata (Silence)
2.40-3.00 Music (Individualised)
3.00-5.00 Third Class Period
5.00-5.30 Walk/Half-Bath
5.30-7.00 Evening Program
7.00-7.35 Asanas/Massage
7.35-7.45 Kaoshiki/Tandava/Relaxation
8.00-8.30 Dinner
8.30-9.30 Daily Review/Walk/Personal Study
9.30-10:00 Night Meditation
10.00-10.30 Personal time
10.30 Lights Off

Karma Yoga is performed for three hours every Saturday besides daily sharing of duties. Deep Cleaning is performed every weekend.

There are periodic tests conducted by staff and an external examiner conducts final test at the end of each semester. The days of final examinations are : December 15-20  and June 15-June 20th .

First Semester

  1. Basics of a Spiritual Life Style and Conduct Rules for Yogiis
  2. Language Skills- English, Swedish (Optional), Bengali and Samskrta.
  3. Introduction to Neohumanism
  4. Yoga and Bio-Psychology
  5. Yoga Ethics (Yama-Niyama)
  6. Yoga Asanas (Physical Postures)
  7. Meditation Practice and Chanting
  8. Introduction to Yogic Dances- Kiirtan, Kaoshiki, Tandava
  9. 20 songs of Prabhat Samgiita (out of a collection of 5018)
  10. Vegetarian Cooking & Nutrition
  11. State of the Developing World
  12. Presentation Report on a topic of personal interest

The Fall/Winter semester concludes with a five-day Spiritual Festival held annually for the past thirty years at the Ydrefors Campus around the end of the year and the Spring/Summer Semester concludes with celebrations during Midsummer Retreat.

Second Semester

  1. Advanced Yogic Practices & Knowledge of Anatomy and Physiology
  2. Neuro-science and latest research on Yoga and Meditation
  3. 20 more songs of Prabhat Samgiita
  4. Yogic Treatments and Health
  5. Humanitarian Project Cycle Management
  6. Ideal Farming Methods & Master Units (Eco-Villages)Development
  7. Social Philosophy : Neohumanism & PROUT
  8. Spiritual Philosophy & Science of Microvita
  9. Methods of Neohumanist Education
  10. Field Training

Teachers/Resource Persons for the above courses:

Ac. Ragamayananda Avadhuta
Ac. Shambhushivananda Avadhuta
Ac. Harikrpananda Avadhuta
Ac. Aniishananda Avadhuta
Avadhutika Ananda Bhadra
Anthony Carlyle
Shantanu Pyne
Mikael Soderstrom
Rossato Silvano
Ole Brekke
Karl Johan Andersson

External Examiner:

Ac. Shubhatmananda Avadhuta

On the successful completion of full-time studies at the Institute, the candidates are awarded a certificate from Prashiksana Matha/ CNS-Sweden and recommended for field work at needy places around the world.


Alumni provide a strong base for the future growth of training centre. Alumni bring in their experience, goodwill, resources as well as knowledge to the incoming trainees. They also recommend new candidates to the TC. Prashiksana Matha welcomes its hundreds of graduates (alumni) for continued participation in special events held in Ydrefors, Sweden every year. Among the celebrated alumni who visit regularly and share their knowledge and inspiration are:

Ac. Shambhushivananda Avadhuta
Ac. Shankarsananda Avadhuta
Ac. Pramananda Avt.
Ac. Daneshananda Avt.
Ac. Kala’dha’rananda Avt.
Ac. Padmeshananda Avt.
Ac. Shantimaya Brcii.
Ac. Shivaprasad Brcii.
Ac.Krpamaya Brcii.
Ac. Sada’nanda Avt.
Ac. Devajinana Brcii.
Ac. Pramoditananda Avt.
Ac. Shiilabhadrananda Avt.
Ac. Acyutananda Avt.
Ac.Vedaprajinananda Avt.
Ac. Giridevananda Avt.
Avtk. Ananda Gun’amrta Ac.
Avtk. Ananda Sanjana Ac.
Avtk. Ananda Advaeta Ac.
Avtk. Ananda Tapomaya Ac.
Ac. Bhuvaneshvarananda Avt.
Avtk. Ananda Ruciira’ Ac.
Didi Kusum Brcii.
Didi Anudhyana Brcii.
Ac.Mukta’tmananda Avt.
Avtk. Ananda Mamata Ac.
Avtk. Ananda Us’a Ac.
Didi Indumatii Brcii.
Avtk. Ananda Lalita Ac.
Avtk.Ananda Sadhana Ac.
Ac.Diiptimanananda Ac.
Avtk. Ananda Devapriya Ac.
Ac. Devarainjan Brcii.

(the complete list is recorded in Sweden TC).


A special market in the summer and Saturday X-mas Market around Nov 17th attracts scores of residents from the area for exchanging goods and services. From time to time, Ydrefors Recreation centre also holds football match in their well maintained football grounds. Dada Rasabuddhananda is well known for bird-watching and has photographed many birds of the area. Campers from Germany and Netherlands have found Ydrefors Grounds as a favourite spot particularly during summers. The nearby lakes are refreshing for swimming. The nearby national forest is also a perfect spot for hiking.

Donations to Prashiksana Matha can be sent to Ananda Marga Pracaraka Samgha, Nordea,  Plus Girot Konto Number 213949-1 IBAN Number SE33-9500-0099-6034-0213-9491 BIC/SWIFT: NDEASESS