Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is CNS-Sweden?

A: The College of Neo-humanist Studies (CNS-Sweden) associated with Prashiksana Matha is a relatively new tertiary program designed to enrich the academic training of students who wish to lead a life of worship and service. This program was updated in May, 2004 in order to supplement the academic training of yogic monks and nuns and also provide opportunity of yogic-learning to persons other than those preparing for the life of monks and nuns. CNS is gearing itself to offer certified courses in Yogic & Intuitional Science; and Neohumanist Education(NHE) & Allied Sciences. Students may enroll in the joint program of Prashiksana Matha and CNS or register in any one of the two currently running faculties of CNS. CNS-Sweden has sister-institutions in Asheville (North Carolina, USA), and Sao Paulo (Brazil). Initiatives are underway to establish CNS in Croatia, Holland, and Taiwan in the very near future.

CNS-Sweden is also working as part of United Nations University Network and collaborates with Regional Centers of Expertise  (REC’s) in Sweden. The director of CNS participates regularly the mid-summer annual seminar at Ed, Western Sweden.It also works with GAP-International (Sweden) in Stockholm,Legacy 17 (related to millennium development goals) and Transition Movements in Europe.

Q: What is Prashiksana Matha?

A: Prashiksana Matha is an institute for advanced training in the field of Intuitional Science & Social Service. It is a specialised international institution for preparing dedicated volunteers for social service and teachers of yoga and meditation.

Q: What is the speciality of Prashiksana Matha?

A: Founded in 1976 in Ydrefors, Sweden, the Prashiksana Matha is one of the few quality institutions in the world devoted to preparing meditation teachers imbued with high social-consciousness & service spirit. Its focus has been on quality rather than quantity. So the program of Prashiksana Matha is tailored to individual needs and welcomes students from all parts of the world.

Q: What are the requirements of joining Prashiksana Matha?


1. Willingness to lead a monastic life as per yogic principles.
2. Recommendation of a qualified Acharya of Ananda Marga.
3. Readiness to undergo rigorous training necessary for meditation & service.
4. Applicant must be between ages 18-30 years. Exceptions may be made for exceptionally qualified candidates.

Q: What are the requirements of joining CNS?


1. Minimum requirement is: high school graduate
2. Additional requirements for each programme specified by each respective faculty.

Q: How long is the training period?

A: The training period in Prashiksana Matha varies from person to person but is at least one year. The applicant can choose to enroll in a joint program of Prashiksana Matha and CNS-Sweden or Commedia School which could take two to three years.

Q: What is the tuition fees for study in Prashiksana Matha or CNS?

A: Each student is required to pay 24,400 kroners as tuition fees for the entire program. Tuition fees can be waived for needy and serious applicants. In addition, each student must be ready to spend 8300 SEK per month for the duration of their studies. Necessary support is also provided to needy students by the Prashiksana Matha and CNS-Sweden. Dormitory Facilities & Sentient Vegetarian Food is available at the Ydrefors Campus for faculty, staff and students. Scholarships are available for genuine needy qualified candidates.

Q: What is Spirit-Ship Training Program?

A: It is a three months or sometimes even short-term  training conducted for volunteers who wish to serve as Interns of Gurukul. After the training, the bonafide -interns are designated with specific project around the world to provide educational services.

Q: Who is the faculty & Staff at Prashiksana Matha/CNS?

A:Consulting Director & Chancellor : Ac. Shambhushivananda Avadhuta (Dr. Satish C. Kohli )
Central Training Secretary (Shraman)/ACTS- Ac. Ragamayananda Avt.
Language Studies – Acarya Ciirananda Avadhuta/Harikrpananda
Yogic Studies- Shankarsanananda,Ragamayananda
Microvita Studies (Science & Spirituality)- Henk de Weijer
Voice, Speech and Oral interpretation: Agneta Ottander
Neo Humanist Education – Arati Brim, Mary Glassman, Yolanda Koning, Marcus Bussey,Emma Nimbekar,Didi AB
PROUT Studies-  Edward McKenna,Krsnasevananda,Dada Maheshvarananda
Spiritual Studies – Acharya Sada’nanda Avadhuta
Counselling- Daniel Ek
Creative Arts – Mr.Ole Brekke
Permaculture- Michael Rokvist
English Language & Presentations- Anthony Carlyle
Prabhat Samgiita Instructor – Ac. Shambhushivananda Avt.,Kirit Dave, Shantanu Pyne
Spiritship Program Coordinator- Linus Lundkvist;Madhava;Andreas Runsten
Financial Support: Dada Pramoditananda
Local Support: Mr. Rossato Silvano; Robin Bergstedt
Technical Support: Acharya Pramoditananda Avt.
Office Assistance- Jon Laggar,Bella Montalban, Andreas Runsten,Ravi-Tara Ohman
Medical Care- Dr. Sauli Shantatman Siekkinen,Tony Carlyle
Website Consultant- Karl Andersson, Gunamuktananda

In addition, the Institute draws on a wider faculty base of Ananda Marga Gurukula ( and Global Neohumanist Education Network worldwide and gets regular visits of researchers, scholars and speakers for short-term courses, workshops, lectures and seminars. Furthermore, a team of staff-volunteers is also utilized to manage the five facilities at Ydrefors Campus. There are currently no paid volunteers or staff.

Q: What are the courses taught at the Prashiksana Matha/CNS?

A: The curriculum of Prashiksana Matha is classified into three parts:

C Part: Languages, Conduct Rules, Basic Social and Spiritual Philosophy and Prabhat Samgiita.
B-Part: Courses related to Advanced Social and Spiritual Philosophies, Yogic Texts; Field Internship, Independent Study & Presentations.
A-Part: Applied Intuitional Science; Pedagogy for Tantra, Yoga and Meditation Teachers. Examinations are conducted in every quarter.

At least two out of four are conducted by external examiners. Each member of the panel of examiners is a Senior Acharya and must be practitioner of highest Vishesha Yoga. In addition, the students engage in karma yoga and bhakti yoga activities on a daily basis. An established routine is adhered to by all trainees.

At CNS, the Faculty of Yoga and Intuitional Science gives the following courses:

1. Yoga , Ethics and Society
2. Yoga Cosmology and Microvita
3. Yoga Psychology and Neuro-Science
4. Yoga Practices, Sutras and Mantras
5. Yogic Texts and Philosophies
6. Yogic Therapy, Nature Cure and Ayurveda
7. Yogic Science, Meditation and Mysticism
8. Yogic Diet, Vegetarianism & Recipes
9. Yoga Asanas & Benefits
10. Anatomy, Physiology, Massage and Acupressure
11. Yogis through the Ages: Lives and Examples
12. Yoga Education in Schools (YES!)
13. Comparative Mystic Traditions & World Religions*

The Program of Teachers Training in Neohumanist Education & Allied sciences consists of 12 modules developed by the Neohumanist Education Faculty of Ananda Marga Gurukula Inc in USA (

Twelve training modules relate to the following areas:
1. Spiritual Foundations of NHE
2. Cognitive Development: Approaches
3. Creativity in Education
4. Foundations of Holistic Education
5. Child Development & Psychology
6. Culturally Sensitive Pedagogy
7. Learning Theory 8. Curriculum, and Teaching
9. Assessment
10. Social Contexts of learning
11. Learning Environments
12. Administration, Leadership & Communication Skills.

These can also be completed on a distance learning basis. The final presentation of the portfolios must however be made in person at the Ydrefors Campus.

Q: When do different courses start?

A: Prashiksana Matha has so far followed a flexible approach seeing the needs of arriving students. However, usually, both CNS and Prashiksana Matha currently follows the schedule of two  terms: Jan-June; July-December. Recognising the needs of the students, a flexibility has been recently introduced so that the students may join at the beginning of any of the two terms. The first semester involves the orientation to conduct rules of spiritual life and English language and is catered to the individual needs of the students. Compulsory Courses are offered in every term. The January session begins after the completion of New Years Festival.

Q: Does Prashiksana Matha welcome Endowment Funds?

A: Yes, Prashiksana Matha and CNS welcome support towards Endowment Funds in order to facilitate educational scholarships to more needy students and for the development of library and other facilities of the Ydrefors Campus.

Q: Are there other recreational opportunities in Ydrefors?

A: Yes. Please refer to

Q: Are broad-band internet facilities available at Ydrefors?

A: Yes, they are available in Gamla Skola for faculty, staff and students.

Q: How is Prashiksana Matha/CNS supported?

A: Through tuition fees, donations and Sattva & Brothaus Organic bakeries in Stockholm

Naturbageriet Sattva/Yoga Center – Krukmakargatan 27a – 11851 Stockholm   08-6699393
Brothaus Organic Bakery, Centralvagen 69, 184 32  Akersberga, Sweden 08-41007800
Gamla Stan Butik – Stora Nygatan 6 – 11127 Stockholm  08-210086

Bliss Cafe (Rawfood Place)  Ostogogatan 77, near Skanstull , Stockholm 072-3330630

Q: Whom to contact for further information?

A: Dr. Acharya Shambhushivananda Avadhuta +46-70-2132237 , Gamla Skolan,  Ydrefors 59081 Gullringen, Sweden. info